NITRASEP® Nitrate Removal

The need to reduce nitrate down to stringent levels is becoming an important step in the treatment of drinking water. Available nitrate removal processes are based on membrane technology and ion exchange. Ion exchange is the preferred process as it is has a minimal waste stream and is very economical to operate. Ovivo's NITRASEP® nitrate removal method is based on the proven Amberpack® technology, marketed successfully for many years throughout the world by Ovivo UK.
  • Very low production of wastewater
  • Compact, with low headroom requirements
  • No proprietary moving parts
  • Highly efficient use of chemicals

This NITRASEP® product offers customers the leading technology for an ion exchange process with minimal regenerant waste. Remote sites require the disposal of wastewater with a high saline content and if piped connections are not available, then a tanker must be used. To minimize freight costs, it is crucial to produce the smallest quantity of wastewater possible. The NITRASEP system achieves this with typically less that 0.4% wastewater from a municipal application.

  • Minimizes the operating cost of a nitrate removal plant
  • Minimizes the quantity of wastewater that requires disposal

How much waste water will be produced per m3 of treated water?

Approximately 0.4% based on a typical UK municipal feedwater

How many plants has Ovivo supplied?

Ovivo ( formerly Christ Kennicott) have supplied over 20 plants within the UK.

Is a Nitrasep plant fully automatic?

Yes, there is no requirement for manned operation.

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