FWM Series

Fresh water makers are life support systems on oil platforms, FPSO's and FSO's, and need to be extremely reliable and robust with minimal operator intervention and maintenance. Ovivo FWM Series built around normal offshore engineering standards, materials of construction and manufactured with a standard compact and modularized design.

  • 25 year design life
  • Easy installation
  • Modular skid design can be arranged in various configurations
  • All skids fit through standard 750mm doorways
  • Advanced, back-washable, primary media filter
  • Reduced downtime

Ovivo’s fresh water makers are designed to meet the stringent criteria of Oil & Gas offshore facilities while still adhering to engineering specifications without sacrificing water quality. The quality of Ovivo’s fresh water maker meets all the major International and WHO standards for potable water.

Our fresh water makers are fabricated using a modest, sectional design that allows for flexible layout arrangements and easy access into tight machinery spaces for retrofits and upgrades. The Ovivo® FWM series has “plug and play” technology for quick assembly and installation. Inter-skid piping and cabling can be immediately connected if skid modules are delivered separately or if a module needs to be removed and replaced.

  • Robust and reliable
  • Continuous flow of high quality drinking water
  • More than 100 years of know-how at your service
  • Designed to meet industry standards

Through our heritage brand Caird & Rayner Clark, Ovivo has over 100 years experience in providing quality fresh water solutions. From early evaporative units on steam ships and naval vessels to custom-engineered, modern plants with the highest level of offshore specifications, including NORSOK. The experience and lessons learned from decades of working offshore have been refined into Ovivo’s range of superior offshore standard fresh water makers to give operators the reliability, strength and simple maintenance they demand.

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