Water is a key raw material for the Semiconductor Industry! Ovivo’s knowledge of the processes and requirements for semiconductor manufacturing makes us the partner of choice for your total water management solutions in the fabrication of any devices such as Raw Silicon Wafers, Microprocessors, Digital Mem. chips, FPD and TFT. Ovivo’s technologies remove impurities at the limits of detection, and allow for the reclamation of wastewater for cost optimization and minimal environmental impact.

Product Groups

Electronics Electronics GlassBeads 768x543

Ovivo has developped a new filtration media line of calibrated Glass Beads, which simplifies and optimizes water treatment processes.
Electronics Electronics Etage fond Blanc 768x543

The SiC Ceramic Membrane Ultrafiltration is intended for reducing high concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) present in the effluent.